Paradise found almost always means paradise lost .

As travellers we’d like to think that we do good by going someplace else. But no matter our intentions or reasons, the more travellers come, the more the destination changes. When we start promoting and developing a new hidden-gem, more people will eventually visit it. This can bring benefits, but often the destination also loses its charm.

We need to do things differently. Therefore I approach travel and tourism in a new way. Paradise Found is all about responsible travelling. This does not only involve being conscious about environmental sustainability. It also has to do with the impact tourism has on the local culture and economy.

For five years I have specialized in the development of sustainable tourism by obtaining a PhD from Erasmus University in 2022. I am now putting this expertise into practice. Paradise Found was founded in 2019 to close the (sometimes large) gap between science and ‘the real world’ by applying scientific knowledge in practice. Now the situation is reversed. I work with governments, marketing organizations and tourism companies on sustainable change – always supported by a scientific basis. I do this by offering three different services.

Shirley Nieuwland
Founder of Paradise Found

Photo: Mark Uyl
Photo: Mark Uyl

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