My aim is to inspire policymakers, DMOs, travel organisations, and travellers and to foster change. I like to show you how things can be done differently. I think along with strategic issues, offer sustainable inspiration. I do this in three distinct ways.

What can I do for you?

Research & Advise | For me, research must serve practice. I focus on new and innovative topics that require further development. Examples of this are regenerative tourism or the application of the donut economy within tourism. I translate these topics to the tourism sector and investigate their applicability in practice. My research and advice are part of knowledge development and the development of tools that can support the tourism sector in implementing sustainability in practice.

Writing | I have been writing about travel all my life. Since my PhD research, I have focused more on inspiring travelers to make sustainable choices. I mainly show how much fun this can be and that it doesn’t have to cost more. My stories are often about sustainable destinations or activities, traveling by train and beautiful unknown places in Europe that could use some extra visitors. I also regularly write in-depth articles on current and innovative topics in the tourism sector.

Workshops & Speaking | Due to my work as a researcher and lecturer at Erasmus University, I have extensive experience in giving presentations and lectures for groups of different sizes. The topics are diverse, from research-related topics such as the impact of Airbnb and ‘live like a local’ tourism or the doughnut economy and tourism, to travel by train, slow travel or regenerative tourism. I also provide workshops based on the doughnut economy where we investigate how this model can support destinations in their sustainability journey.

Hoorn Municipality
"During the workshop we have discussed a more sustainable vision on tourism and recreation within the Municipality of Hoorn. What does it entail? And are there already concrete actions to take now and in (future) policy making? In Hoorn we have used the workshop to create awareness about making the policy area more sustainable, and everything that comes with that. A good first step to build upon in the future.
The Hague & Partners
“With the workshop ‘doughnut economics and sustainable tourism’ we have gained better insight in our current assignment in the area of sustainability. As a result of the workshop we have laid the final hand to our own sustainability plan”
Breda Marketing
"Together with Shirley, at Breda Marketing we used the doughnut economy model to map opportunities for sustainable tourism. We followed a creative workshop to apply the model within Breda Marketing. We gained valuable insights that we will further put into practice”.
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