Gentrifiying neighbourhood Monti and tourism development

Right behind the Colosseum lies Monti, a small neighbourhood in Rome that for years was neglected by tourists. Why? It used to be an infamous red-light district with a lot of poverty and there was no reason to set foot in this area of Rome. This has now all changed since it started to gentrify. These days Monti is considered one of the ‘hippest hoods’ of Rome and draws in many tourists that come for its livelihood, quirky cafes and picturesque streets. Not everyone is happy though. Tourists might have found the next hidden gem of the city by going off-the-beaten-path, for some people living in Monti these changes affect them more than tourists might realize during their short visit. Continue reading “Gentrifiying neighbourhood Monti and tourism development”

The consequences of travelling like a local

Local Travelling

During the last decades, Berlin has become a popular tourist destination because of its ‘poor but sexy’ attitude. A city that lacks many interesting tourist sights but is famous for the creative and multicultural vibe, the graffiti and a crazy nightlife. Neighbourhoods such as Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain specifically have experienced a drastic increase in tourism because of this. People visit these types of neighbourhoods to have a local travel experience and to get a sense of the buzz going on in these parts of the city. Often Airbnb apartments are used for this to increase the feeling of locality even more. But how local is the experience still when travellers are almost taking over the neighbourhood? Continue reading “The consequences of travelling like a local”