Being an academic researcher, my expertise lies in doing qualitative research and writing in both Dutch and English. I am also an advocate for science communication which has led me to share research findings in different ways: blog articles, social media posts, consultancy, public speaking engagements or guest lectures and workshops. The topics I am specialized in are the impact of- and regulating Airbnb, sustainable tourism policy in cities, sustainable development of tourist destinations based on Doughnut Economics, developing sustainable travel policy for organisations and sustainable travel advice for individuals. Are you looking for someone in the field of the above subjects who:

  • Can think critically and give advice?
  • Can conduct research by doing interviews or policy analysis?
  • Can write a report on recent developments?
  • Can provide a presentation or guest lecture?
  • Can translate research results into digestible texts or images?
  • Can provide a workshop?
  • Can write a (guest) blog or in-depth article?
  • Can highlight your sustainable travel organisation or initiative?

Feel free to contact me via e-mail or message me via the contact form. I strongly believe in the power of collaboration and am curious to know what you are working on. Do you believe as well that together we can achieve more? Do not hesitate to contact me to explore the options.

Hoorn Municipality
"During the workshop we have discussed a more sustainable vision on tourism and recreation within the Municipality of Hoorn. What does it entail? And are there already concrete actions to take now and in (future) policy making? In Hoorn we have used the workshop to create awareness about making the policy area more sustainable, and everything that comes with that. A good first step to build upon in the future.
The Hague & Partners
“With the workshop ‘doughnut economics and sustainable tourism’ we have gained better insight in our current assignment in the area of sustainability. As a result of the workshop we have laid the final hand to our own sustainability plan”
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Let's work together!